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Sunday, October 12, 2008

My review of Skinny by Laura L. Smith

Skinny: A Novel

About the book:

For honor student Melissa, life at Spring Hill High is one long competition---against herself and others---for excellent grades, friendships, and the perfect boyfriend. But when dance team auditions are announced, the pressure steps up and Melissa begins dieting obsessively. A challenging faith-based look at self-image and eating disorders for teens and young adults.

My review:

I read Skinny from start to finish while on the plane to New York. It's an easy read and geared toward young teens, which the "voice" definitely fits. It's a bit young for me, but I can see young teens loving it. The stress young teens face is very well reflected in the theme and emotion of the story. I had a cousin and several friends with eating disorders and the author portrays a realistic scenario with this story. However, the character in the book actually recovered fairly quickly and usually that is not the case. But God can do amazing things when people are willing. I was surprised that main characters had such a warped perspective regarding food, dieting, and the Bible, but then again it made sense that she would see things through that twisted lens. Sometimes young people learn bad behavior from reading these types of books, but I don't see this book as promoting unhealthy eating, but doing just the opposite. I applaud the author for communicating that well.

Skinny was published by NavPress and released in September 2008.

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