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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Erin Parker, guest reviewer of Tartarus by Jack Cavanaugh.

About the book:

In the wake of a discovery of alien-written documents from the first century claiming that the life of Christ was a hoax, fallen angel descendant Grant Austin endeavors to prove that the documents are an attempt by Satan to discredit the true historical Jesus.

Erin's review:

Sometimes it takes something big to wake people up from slumber. Now is the time to check out a different kind of thriller. I would like to introduce to you Kingdom Wars 2 : Tartarus.

Tartarus shows the story behind a spiritual battlefield that the human eye can't see. All around us there are angels and demons who are constantly fighting for our attention. At the same time, they are fighting against each other. I really enjoyed reading about how the characters could actually talk to these angels as if they were real people and right here with us. And that God loves us so much that for His children He sends us our very own guardian angel to watch out for us.

This book gives you insight on what is really going on behind the scences of our spiritual lives. In John 10:10 it is written that Satan is here to kill, to steal, and to destroy. This Bible verse is made very clear through out the entire story. In anyway possible, Satan will attack with whatever he's got left in him just to make us hate ourselves or even start to hate God. There are some characters in the story who are murdered, scarred, hurt and confused. All of this can make you doubt who God is, and even if He's real. But there is also a second part to John 10:10 where it says," But I have come so that you may have life and live it abundantly." So while the characters felt really hurt about the crisis that was taken place, they realized that when there is hurt and pain, God is still there and He DID come so that we may live life and live it abundantly. This fictional story can be true in each of our lives.

I admire the strength and power that is shown in each of the characters lives. While some are weak, they later became strong. We sometimes become weak in our walk with Christ when we feel He is distant, or silent. We wonder if He's even there watching. When the main character in this book was being thrown down and beaten by the demons themselves, Christ walked up to the plate and stood right in front in the battle. And everybody else around became scared and couldn't even look at Him. Christ is so powerful and so bright that demons can't even handle it! This book gives you the true benefit of what Jesus can do inside the unseen battlefield.

Jack Cavanaugh knows what he's writing about. He knows how to give you a simple glimpse into the lives of his characters with a sense of humor and killer details. It almost makes you believe its you he's writing about. Thats what makes it more exciting! I become so lost inside this big adventure that felt so real! Not many books leave me wishing there was a second novel to continue the story. But this one definately cuts the cake!

The adventure in this book is brilliantly done. I could hardly put the book down! And when I had to, I was always left wondering what was going to happen in the next chapter. This book is going to leave you on edge! It's better than a movie. So you want a wake-up? Well, this is the book you need. I promise you won't regret it.

Tartarus was published by Simon and Schuster and released in May 2008.

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