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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Two sites for readers and authors that I recently joined!

Please stop by and check out my author profile. I think you'll like the site. There aren't many Christian authors listed so if you join it'd expand the inspirational presence there. What do ya say?

And here is an even cooler site!


czar said...

Thanks for your site. Always good to read about books coming up and what other folks are reading. I make my living reading mostly Christian theology (doing freelance work for Westminster, Orbis, Paulist, Crossroad, etc.) and would welcome people to visit my blog to find out what it's like to work fulltime as an editor in the world of religious publishing. Also, if there are any other authors who you'd like to make aware of that blog,, I'd welcome it. Too, if there are authors out there needing a professional index, I always look forward to working with new clients.

Bob Land

Anonymous said...

I love your site, and I really enjoy being a non-author member of the ACFW bookclub. Thanks for all of that!! :)

On a side note - I was browsing your list of great authors on the side of your blogger page, and you have Liz Curtis Higgs on there twice. I probably wouldn't have noticed, but I LOVE her works.

Have a super weekend, and thanks again!

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