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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hubby's review of A Wolf Story by James Byron Huggins

About the Book:

A powerful, intricately woven epic adventure for adults. Long ago, the animals of the deep woods were given a choice: either follow the Silver Wolf and his lord, the Lightmaker--a path of strength and peace often won through suffering and pain--or pursue their own passions, joining forces with Corbis and the other creatures of darkness.

Hubby's review:

A Wolf Story is an allegory. All of the characters are animals. The Silver Wolves represent those who follow the Light Maker. But they have free will, and thus can also follow the wolves of the Dark Council. The story is filled with battles. A key theme is not knowing who your true friends are until you experience conflict. In this story a young gray wolf becomes friends with a dying rabbit, then later becomes friends with another rabbit, who is quite a fighter. The wolf end up saving several lives. Each battle is a struggle between good and evil. Many times things seem hopeless. The author does a great job making you worry about this dynamic little rabbit who has guts and is willing to do anything for a friend. But the main character in the story is actually the gray Wolf, who learns that Faith in the Light Maker and clinging to the truth will carry you through to the end. This books is fun and easy to read. Highly recommended for anyone.

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