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Thursday, May 08, 2008

My review of The Song Weaver by BJ Hoff

About the book:

When a shadow falls over the MacAuley family, newlyweds Jonathan and Maggie Stuart find their faith and newly discovered happiness tested in unforeseen ways. An abrupt summons to return from their honeymoon wrenches them from the joy of their early days of marriage and thrusts them into the midst of a family in anguish.

Responsible for helping their loved ones heal, while maintaining and nurturing their own relationship and their love for each other, the young couple faces a challenge that will ultimately define their marriage and decide their future.

My review:

As usual, BJ Hoff has delivered a captivating historical fiction novel that is hard to put down. The realistic setting and characters made it truly enthralling. I loved the situation with Maggie and her husband becoming parents overnight. There were so many facets to this book...from dealing with loss, to choosing your priorities, being supportive of family, addressing issues of domestic violence and the aftermath, living with chronic pain, etc. Each situation was well done and by the book's end I was wishing there were more books coming in the series. But regardless, The Song Weaver is a fabulous conclusion to a wonderful trilogy. Any true lover of historical fiction will find this novel captivating. The one thing I didn't get, however, was the title, because though there was some singing indicated in the book, I didn't see the "song weaver" as an applicable title that summarized the story. But despite that tiny flaw, this was a top notch book. On the one hand there was plenty of action to keep you reading, topped with just enough drama to keep your attention and hold it steady.

The Song Weaver was published by Harvest House and released in April 2007.

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Carole said...

B.J. Hoff is one of my very favorite authors. Thanks for your review, Michelle.

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