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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My review of The Bride Wore Coveralls by Debra Ullrick

About the book:

Can bitter rivals come to love each other? Fighting deep prejudice against her femininity, her choice of vehicle, and even her heritage, Camara Cole is determined to win the mud-bog racing championship this year. Her biggest competition seems also to be her worst enemy. Chase Lamar has been racing mud-boggers as long as Camara, and he grudgingly admits she's the best driver-mechanic he knows. Their rivalry has been long and bitter. But Chase is a new Christian. As he begins to change, he finds his relationship with Camara changing, too. When Camara's vehicle is sabotaged, she naturally blames Chase, despite a growing attraction. Chase must prove his innocence, but evidence points his way. When the smoke clears and the truth is known, will each be able to extend forgiveness, maybe even love?

My review:

One of the most unique and delightful Heartsong Presents stories I've read thusfar, The Bride Wore Coveralls is a fun, guy-friendly read, and is incredibly romantic. I especially loved the Chevy and Ford rivalries between Camara and Chase. Anyone who knows men and cars knows that teasing about the make and model of race cars (or any cars for that matter) is standard guy-speak and since Camara is a tomboy, it makes sense for her to be besting with them. The story behind the Lamar family's rivalry with the Coles is also compelling, especially when the truth finally comes out. I love it when God takes a situation where hate runs a muck and uses the dire circumstances to change hearts and lives. In that respect, The Bride Wore Coveralls is heads above most Heartsongs, and I applaud the author for her intense redemptive theme. Plus, that first! Makes you just want to keep reading to find out how Chase wins her over. Not just a romance, this story has the power of forgiveness within its pages, so it massages the spirit as well as the heart! Oh, and I adored the epilogue. It's the best one I've ever read. Awesome book!

The Bride Wore Coveralls
was published by Heartsong Presents and released in April 2008.


Jenny said...

Thanks for the review. This sounds like something right up my alley. My dad is a mechanic and we've had a Ford/Chevy thing going for years. *grin*

Cecelia Dowdy said...

I have this book on my TBR pile! Your review makes me want to pick it up and place it on top!

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