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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hubby's review of The Trophy Chase Trilogy by George Bryan Polivka.

Legend of the Firefish

Packer Throme stows himself on a pirate ship in an empty keg of rum, and the adventure begins. Packer, the main character, is on the most beautiful ship in the world, Skat’s pirate ship, The Trophy Chase. Packer had gone to seminary but was kicked out and becomes a master swordsman. He’s in love with the priest’s daughter and had been since they were children. Throughout the story his faith is tested and his love for God grows through his trials. This book is a fantastic opening to the series and leaves you craving for the sequel because Skat is going to kill Packer…until Packer tells him he knows how to find the firefish.

The Hand That Bears the Sword

Packer gets married and while on his honeymoon he is forced to leave his wife. The Drammun King, Hezzan, is out to get Packer and capture him along with the Trophy Chase ship. The horrors of war come alive in this story and Packer is plunged into dangerous times. Those who really care and have trust and faith in God grow through their trials despite their many losses. Things seem hopeless as the kingdom of Nearing Vast almost comes under the control of an evil empire. This second book leaves you yearning for the conclusion of the series, The Battle for Vast Dominion.

The Battle for Vast Dominion

This awesome conclusion to the series will leave you breathless. Nearing Vast is under near-total control from the Drammuns. The Vast army is surrounded and about to be slaughtered. It’s a miracle that they are saved, but a message from the new Hezzan, who has taken control of the empire, reaches them. Mighty miracles performed by God cause the Hezzan to ask Packer to come to the Drammun kingdom. She sends a message requesting that Packer Trome arrive in the Trophy Chase ship, where they face the most dangerous test of all. Packer and his men face awesome challenges and learn they must rely on God to make it though. The story is so deep and profound you will be unable to adequately describe it in words. You are literally part of the world created by Polivka and you don’t ever want to leave it. Especially not at the end. This series is powerful and I loved it!

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Anonymous said...

these books sound to "manly" for my taste.. Percy

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