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Saturday, January 19, 2008

My review of Sons of Glory by Craig and Janet Parshall

From the publisher:

Boston, Massachusetts—1770.Having left Scotland, the Mackenzie family now lives on in three brothers—Nathan, Edward, and Robby—as the turbulent story begun in Crown of Fire and Captives and Kings concludes.

When Nathan, a young lawyer, witnesses the Boston Massacre, he and his mentor John Adams—though both pro–independence—are pulled into defending British soldiers.

During the following conflict with his fellow patriots, Nathan also struggles with his minister brother, Edward, who remains firmly loyal to what he considers the God–ordained British government.

When youngest brother Robby, a radical patriot, is arrested, Edward and Nathan must each search heart and soul. In the end, they and their families pledge themselves to the colonial cause. To them, however, ultimate glory does not rest with a new nation and new political system. Rather, true glory resides in doing God’s will in the midst of dangerous and uncertain times.

My review:

Sons of glory was packed with action and historical events. Want to learn more about the tension between the colonies and England before the American Revolution? You'd love this book. It goes into what happened at the Boston Massacre and the trial that followed. I found that part of the book particularly fascinating. It reminded me of the movie Amistad, which also had fabulous court scenes. The lawyers were brilliant in their defense and very brave to go against the popular opinion even though it was based on faulty facts and false testimony. I also enjoyed following Robby's plight and was holding my breath as I waited to discover his fate. All in all this was an engaging tale and one of the best books in the series. Assuming the authors got all of the particular facts correct, historians and historical fiction lovers will adore this book.

Sons of Glory was published by Harvest House and released in January 2008.

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