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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Chat with Tosca Lee tonight!

Chat with author Tosca Lee

No one is certain whether Tosca Lee actually had the conversations with a demon that are captured in her upcoming release from NavPress, DEMON: A MEMOIR--and Tosca isn't talking.

"Demon is supposed to be fiction," says Wanda Winters-Gutierrez, author of The Search for Peace and an early reader of the manuscript, "but is it? Tosca Lee has created a stunning work of pure genius."

The demon of note in this "stunning" debut novel is Lucian, a former seraph whose one worshipful glance at Lucifer proved unforgivable by Elohim--the God of the universe, the God before the universe. But Lucian isn't taking his damned state lying down. No, he's found Clay, an editor whose burning desire to author a best-seller supercedes the voice of common sense. It's that voice that would tell Clay to avoid communing with a demon if only it could be heard above the din of Clay's own self-doubt and curiosity.

A professed Christian, Tosca Lee's first foray into fiction is so excellent, you'll wonder if she just may have taken her story from Lucian himself. "Blown away," says Greg Stier, Executive Director of Dare 2 Share Ministries International. "[Demon is] a powerful book that will intrigue and astound."

"This is a book that lingers in memory after you've turned the last page," says New York Times best-selling author Sophy Burnham. "Beautiful and brilliant, it's bound to be a bestseller."

Read the first chapter and note the amazing grasp of language, of writing style, Tosca Lee employs. And when you turn the last page, your view of good and evil, angel and demon altered forever, ask yourself the same thing early readers of the manuscript did--how did a debut novelist, the former Mrs. Nebraska for goodness' sake, write this?

Please feel free to pass this announcement on to anyone or any groups that you think may be interested. Thank you.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

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Anonymous said...

sounds fun, but l dont know what l would say... Percy

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