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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Review of The Christmas Card. Hot, but clean kisses! This is one to watch!

I rarely watch television (almost never) but last night as I was warming by the fire my husband had the Hallmark channel on and the movie The Christmas Card was playing. I think I've just stumbled upon two of the hottest kissing scenes (in a clean film) I've ever viewed. So you have know that at least one of them will find their way into a future novel of mine. Plus, the actor who plays the soldier is so gorgeous and sexy I'd watch the movie just to gaze at him! The humor in this movie was laugh-out-loud funny, too. But best of all, the message is great! You never know where a small act of kindness will lead you and who it will touch. And maybe, just maybe, it will change your life forever.


Anonymous said...

my life is so oppsite of yours, all l do practily is watch tv, l do have hallmark so l will check out that movie! Percy

Robin Johns Grant said...

I love Christmas movies! I hadn't heard of this one, so thanks for the heads up. I'll watch out for it to run again.

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