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Thursday, December 06, 2007

I've really got to stop reading books that don't interest me.

No matter how popular some books are or how much I may like the author, I really need to stop reading books that I get a sense of dread about reading and that I want to avoid opening up. Sometimes I'll rationalize and try to tell myself it will get better, but sometimes it doesn't and then I just feel cheated like I wasted time. I will not name every book this happens to me with because most authors would rather not know that I didn't like their book or have me announce that I'd rather chew glass than finish their story.

Anyway, the wildly popular Yada Yada Series is just not working for me. The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out is one of those books I'll never finish, I've decided. While some things in the story were good, I can't get into the story. I think there are too many things that don't feel natural in this book. SO if people have read the series and are invested in the characters already then this story will turn their crank. For me it's just tedious reading and the main character I can't identify with at all. She also prays in her head too much. I normally love a strong faith element but in this story it didn't feel natural to me. The continual reminiscing didn't help. I haven't read any of the other books and I'm convinced that this has a lot to do with me having trouble getting into this book since it concludes the series.

So if you loved any of the other books in this series just ignore me. If, however, you are considering this book, I wouldn't recommend it unless you want to read the whole series. That's my ten cents that you never asked for.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, As Americans we are free to think anything we like. So it is ok that Yada Yada isn't working for you. Thankfully, it does work for the thousands of folks who have been touched by the books over the years. Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

Isn't it funny how different we feel about the same books? I'd never read any of these books either, but I loved this one! I then went backwards and read #6, and loved it even more!

How wonderful to have so many choices in the Christian fiction market now!


IndieG said...

I know exactly what you mean. I don't feel guilty about reading books I can't get into anymore, I just stop. Don't feel guilty, keep practicing, it'll get better, Lol!

Ausjenny said...

Michelle thanks for your honesty, i have the first 4 unread, I have friends who say they are great but i haven't started them yet.
I have read a few books i just couldn't get into. Christy was one. i couldn't get past the first chapter or 2 and have never read it.

Patricia W. said...

Don't feel badly, Michelle. I read a book that recently got 4.5 stars from RT and rave reviews elsewhere. And I hated it. Thougth the storyline was tepid and the writing worse than novice. Go figure. I forced myself to finish but then wish I hadn't.

scaramouche9999 said...

Most of us - especially you, Michelle - don't have time to waste on books that don't charge our batteries in some fashion whether spiritually or emotionally or intellectually. Some works recharge us and others drain.
Just a fact of life, but you are being kind in not shouting to the world you'd rather eat glass!!
Take care!
Donald James Parker

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