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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've discovered Technorati and now I need some links...

Anyone who has a technorati tag on their site can make me a favorite. I would REALLY appreciate it. Then I'll be what they call "an authority" and though I'm not sure what that means, it sounds good to me. :)

Here is the link. Click on it to select me. Thanks!!!

Add to Technorati Favorites


Anonymous said...

All done.

Some technorati tips: Try to get others to exchange links with you.

Like me posting your giveaway links (you would like back to my blog somewhere in your post or sidebar).

Just an example.

Anonymous said...

sorry doll l am a techo-tard... Percy :)

Deena said...

Done! But if you would return the Technorati link is in my sidebar:-)

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