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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My review of Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson...

Book Description:

Fifteen-year-old Scotty Fitzgerald has spent her young life on the road, traveling to movie sets with her single mom, Charley. Yet even though she is wise beyond her years, Scotty still struggles to find her identity. Complicating matters is a mother who offers no guidance and a father she's never met.

Scotty is determined to discover what she wants from life, even documenting the journey on her "Hollywood Nobody" blog. But as Scotty begins to find dark answers to tough questions, will her story have a happy ending?

The first in a series, Hollywood Nobody is a novel that examines real issues with honesty and humor.

My Review:

I devoured this book in two days. I rarely want to sneak off and read a book until I finish it, but this was one of those books. I adore anything Lisa Samson writes anyway because she is edgy and unconventional, but I'm telling you that she has a real winner here. The heroine is a fifteen-year-old girl, Scotty, who reminds me of several teens I know. Hey, I have a fifteen-year-old son and a fourteen-year-old son and I still loved the book, so you don't have to be YA to read it and love it. I adored how Scotty even had herself a pet phrase... "I'm just sayin'".

One reviewer said sometimes some of the things Scotty thought seemed old for her age. I totally disagree. I have very smart kids and they think like Scotty did...exactly. Teens are very perceptive these days. And Scotty had wisdom beyond her years due to exposure to many things she shouldn't know. The author made that point very well several times.

I loved the blogging theme of the story (of course) and the topics covered on the Hollywood Nobody blog. It was so realistic...right down to the funny comments. The main characters seemed so real to me. Her mother reminded me of some hippies I know (and knew) when I was younger. Very funny stuff! Especially the cheese fetish. Scotty was just so quirky and cool. I know several teens who love vintage wear and are so classy and weird in their own way, just like Scotty. I found her totally likeable and believable. Wonderful story. Intriguing plot. Hot topics (and great tension) with a hottie hero who is a movie star and also a great guy because Hollywood hadn't ruined him yet.

So check this book out. I guarantee it'll hold your attention. The ending is killer satisfying, but leaves you wanting more at the same time. March 2008--when the sequel comes out--is not soon enough for me. I loved this book!

Hollywood Nobody was published by NavPress (THINK Imprint) and was released August 30, 2007.

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Anonymous said...

oh l want to read this one real bad, when is it gonna be put on the give away list... l will need my name in the hat! Percy

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