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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A few pics of me with my niece--who I've seen for the first time this week (and she was born 14 months ago.) And other family photos!

My sister's house in Michigan

My sweet niece gets her buns nibbled on my by a stuffed great white shark!

Twin cousins Teresa and Terrance

Assorted relatives with me in the center next to Terrance

My baby sis and my sweet niece reading together

My handsome brother in law and his sweet baby girl

My middle sister, my aunt Maureen and moi!

Me with big bro Mike!

Me with my sweet niece!

Me with my two sisters and niece

Me with my sweet niece again. Isn't she cute!?!

Me with sisters and niece again...

Stay tuned for bubble pics from my niece. Boy does she have some funny pics that I'm going to make a cute story out of. But I'm saving it for another day this week. :P

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Anonymous said...

everyone looks great!!! thanks for sharing... luv you all!!! Percy

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