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Monday, July 16, 2007

Thoughts on what I'm reading this week in July 2007

It has been awhile since I commented on the books I'm currently reading so I thought I'd toss out my impressions to let folks know what has captured my attention. Right now I am reading Nefertiti by Michelle Moran. The endorser on the cover, Diana Gabaldan, said the story is compulsively readable. That's no joke. This book is sure to be a hit. According to the press release it comes out tomorrow so look for it in the stores. The cover is so gorgeous I won't lend my copy to anyone. It feels like a collector's item. I'm also reading When the Morning Comes by Cindy Woodsmall. It's fabulous and I'm halfway through the book. This modern day tale of the Amish really pulls you in. If you enjoyed When the Heart Cries then you will really love this continuation of the first book.

I started One Step Over the Border by Stephen Bly a few days ago and that story really packed some punch. It pulls you along from the get-go and has some pretty interesting drama in it. I like it so far. A Tendering in the Storm by Jane Kirkpatrick is wonderful! At first I thought, uh-oh, this is going to be blah, but after the first chapter I was hooked. Those poor women in the colony were so under the men in their society's thumbs you just can't help but feel for them. Talk about dysfunctional! Oy! I'm also finding Wedding Bell Blues by Linda Windsor to be quite addicting. I think this is the first book of Linda Windsor's that I've read and the slick humor and voice is delectable. I love it! I also started Homeland Insecurity by Richard and Evangeline Abanes. That is going to be a killer thriller. I can already tell. I am reading several other books but I have taken a short break from them to finish the ones listed above. I'll give more thoughts as I start reading them again.

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Christina Berry said...

Did you read A Clearing in the Wild by Jane first? I just finished Tendering and loved it! I posted a meaningful line from it on my blog today....

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