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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now I'm giving away a copy of Going for Broke by Melanie Dobson.

I loved this book!

Product Description:

The first time Leia pulled the lever on the slot machine she hadn’t felt much, other than maybe a twinge of guilt, knowing how much her husband despised any kind of gambling. After all, she’d just been killing time while nursing a busted leg at the slopes. Several months, thousands of clicks and tens of thousands of dollars later, she’d long since replaced the rush of adrenaline that came with a win with the roiling realization that she’d gone too far. The last time she pulled the lever, she hung on for dear life, knowing that without a win, a very big win, her life as she knew it was over.


Anonymous said...

sounds like something my hubby would do... l need to read this one!! Percy

Cherie J said...

Sounds good.

®AffinitysEdge® said...

WOW Michelle..! I love the story line. It sounds like a great read. Good luck to everyone!
The Phoenix

ladystorm said...

Hi Michelle,
This one does really sound good. I also like your blog space, you have it fixed up real cool. Do you read all those books you give away? :0)

Jennifer AlLee said...

Hey Michelle,

Sign me up. Sounds great!

Michelle said...

And the winner is...Percy!

Boy, you're having a streak of luck, girl!

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