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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting closer and closer...

I wrote another chapter today. I'm up to 53,864 words! Whoo hoo! I'm shooting for between 80 and 85K, which is the standard length for the type of book I'm writing. I'm getting so close, and the tension just keeps building and building. :) I like this story. It's called Truth and Consequences. Don't be surprised when you see it in the bookstore in the next year or two. :)


Sharlene MacLaren said...

Yea, Michelle, you go, girl! At the rate you're going you'll be finished with your first draft in another month or so. Then in a couple of years I'll be searching the shelves for "TaC"!

I cannot write that fast. The only time I wrote like that was my first-ever novel--which never got pubbed. It was probably terrible. I've told you this before, but that was the book in which I wrote 90K words in two weeks!!! I barely ate, slept, or drank. I certainly didn't go anywhere. I just stayed fastened to my computer chair, and Cecil peeked in on me every once in a while to make sure I was still breathing.

Oh, never again. But that is what true passion will do to a person, and I'm glad I had the experience because it left me with no doubt that God had done an amazing thing in me--and that was that He'd planted a seed that would continue to grow and develop.

Had my book-signing at B&N this past Saturday. Sold out of the store's inventory and the 20 or so extras I threw in my trunk "just in case". Isn't God amazing?

Please go to my blog and look at some of the pictures that we took at the signing. There's a cute one of my darling hubby.

Love ya,

Patricia W. said...

Way to go, Michelle! You're about 65% of the way there. Only 1/3 to go. Keep pluggin' and yes, I'll look for it when it's published.

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