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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

55,961 words...

I am SO getting there. :) And amazingly enough, the story hasn't dragged for one minute. I know this is true because I've had several people tell me they couldn't stop reading (to the extent that their own deadlines weren't getting met) and then they were mad that I hadn't finished the story. So for all of my friends out there who want to know the ending...relax, you won't have to wait long. :)


Sharlene MacLaren said...

You go, girl. My story sits at around 93K right now, but it's not winding down like I'd like to. I ecpect I will write the ending just the way I want, which will wind me up at about 100+K then in my revision process I'll have to knock off about 7K words. Oh well, I'm sure it will need tightening anyway.

Have a great day.

Robin Johns Grant said...

You go, girl! I wish my WIP were coming along as quickly. I am happy to report that I've gotten into more of a routine the last couple of weeks. Slow and steady, that's me.

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