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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thoughts on what I'm reading this second week of April 2007

This will be brief as I've got to hurry or I'll be late for work.

Right now my favorite book is The Ex-Files by Victoria Christopher Murray. Those of you who know my tastes are probably not at all surprised. I've had to read a lot of historicals for other blogs so those poor contemporary and suspense authors have to wait longer, but I'm trying my best.

Anyway, I picked up Chocolate Beach again by Julie Carobini and I'm getting a sinking feeling about her marriage, but that's okay because if I want to know what will happen next, I keep reading. I have so many fabulous books I'm in the middle of now it's hard to choose.

I started the Scarlet Trefoil by L.A. Kelly and it's VERY good. I will be doing a giveaway on this book so anyone who posts a comment here or on any subsequent posts that mention The Scarlet Trefoil will be entered in the contest. I just need an email addy if you win because I have no way to let anyone know if I can't reach them. Oh, and I have to start another book from that same era for a blog next week and I'm worried I'll mix the two books up, so I may set aside Trefoil for a week, but not because it's boring. I love it!

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