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Monday, March 05, 2007

My review of A Valley of Betrayal by Tricia Goyer...

From the Publisher:
For reasons beyond her control, Sophie finds herself alone in the war-torn Spanish countryside. What was once a thriving paradise has become a battleground for fascist soldiers and Spanish patriots. It doesn’t take long for Sophie to realize just how far from home she really is. Caught in the middle of what is quickly becoming a bloody battleground, she receives tragic news, but remaining in Spain is her only option. The route to safety is blocked and fighting surrounds her. On her darkest night, Sophie takes refuge with a brigade of international compatriots. It is among these volunteers, through the use of her fianc├ęs camera and her art, that she pledges to make the plight of the Spanish people known around the world.

My review:

I'm so used to Tricia's Nazi era books that this one took me a while longer to get into at first. However, she had me hook, line, and sinker on this one to the end. Trica is so adept at describing scenes that you feel like you're there. The blood, the smoke, the cries of the dying. Her descriptions are an amazing treat for the senses. Tricia does a fabulous job describing the horror of war. Her writing style is always a cultural banquet and I felt like I got a real taste of war-torn Europe.

She also had me going there for awhile about Michael. I'm still not sure I like the guy. Plus, there is still some major mystery lingering by the books end. And the romance! Oye ve! She BETTER address some of that in the sequel or I'll have to hunt her down. I can almost feel the rope burns on my neck from where she left me hanging! I wish I had the sequel on hand because I'd whip it out and continue the saga right now! Great new series. Makes me want to kick back, put my feet up, roll my Rs, and eat a torta! :)

A Valley of Betrayal was published by Moody Publishers and released On February 1, 2007.

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Tricia Goyer said...


If you enjoyed this book, you're going to LOVE the second. Sorry, I had to do this to you. I wish it was out already too!

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