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Monday, March 19, 2007

Ack! More and more and more...

More taxes, more books, more taxes, more books... What in the world is she saying? (I know that's what you're thinking.) Well, we did the tax thing and will have to deplete the savings account to pay the $1,400 we owe the feds and Arizona. Ick. That's the tax part. The more books part is I got four more in the mail today! 4! I have to laugh, though, because two of them I already had. One of the titles I received is the fourth or fifth copy that has come to my mailbox OF THE SAME BOOK! I mean come on people, don't you all check your records? I guess since it didn't cost me anything, and it's not like I haven't told people that they've sent me duplicates before, I shouldn't worry. Right? I'll just give it to someone. That's how I keep friends at church (tee hee, though some run from me screaming now when they see me hold up a book and smile.) Sigh. Just another crazy Monday. Off to eat dinner. :)

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