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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My review of Love Letters by Annette Irby...

From the publisher:

Randy Ambrose has penned scores of love letters to his wife, but she’s never seen them. He fears she won’t receive his affections, and her rejection would destroy their marriage. He also fears strong emotions, including passion. For ten years, he has kept his heart hidden. Jordan Ambrose is trying to pretend Randy’s emotional distance doesn’t hurt. She has erected walls to protect her heart. When she finds a box of ardent letters written from R to J, she hopes they’re to her. Randy has some explaining to do, and their tenth wedding anniversary is right around the corner. Can he rescue his marriage by taking an unprecedented risk and making a crucial confession?

My review:

I enjoyed Love Letters. I have always liked reading romances that involved already married people, but this one was special in that the conflict was so believable as was the way the couple handled things. They pulled away until they weren't sure they wanted to have much to do with each other anymore. Especially the wife. When the husband reaches out his wife challenges him, but with good reason. And the hero's response was very well done. The fire involved in that scene was smokin', btw. I loved it! I think most married people have felt like the hero and heroine at one time or another like they did in Love Letters and for that reason I highly recommend the story. Plus, I liked the way it was written. Couples struggling with relationship problems might acquire some insight and motivation to resolve their differences before they get worse. Plus, it's heavily romantic without being sappy. Unfortunately, it was a bit short, but that's the nature of novellas. I do think the author could lengthen this novel into a full length story, but either way I liked it. The storyline sizzled and the emotion was well done. I would read other books by this author.

Love Letters is published in e-book form by Wild Rose Press and was released several months ago. It can be downloaded into your computer. The story was very inexpensive. So for only $3.50, what do you have to lose? Did I mention it's labeled "sensual" yet it's inspirational fiction. Isn't that fabulous? How else can you truly express the tension between a husband and wife and be realistic without some sensual tension? So support this author. The read is worth it!

Here is a link to Wild Rose Press
for more information...

Link to Love Letters novella


Annette M. Irby said...

Hey Michelle, thanks for your review! This novella was fun to write. It's been great to find readership for this kind of fiction in the romance genre. I've written another married couple story, which is a full-length novel. My agent is currently pitching it to publishers. The new story is part of a trilogy. I'll keep you posted.

:) Annette M. Irby

L.L. Barkat said...

Oh, what a lovely surprise! I met Annette at Mt. Hermon and will always remember our chat under the eaves, as the rain poured down.

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