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Monday, March 19, 2007

Taking care of myself...

I had a great Sunday. Just had to share. After singing lead vocals on the worship team at church (I did mess up a few lines but thankfully no one noticed) I went to the mall with my family. Did you know that teenagers love it when you take them to the mall for lunch? LOL! (I know, that's a no brainer. I was being silly.) Anyway, I got myself a pedicure and the chair was the best back massaging chair I think I've ever sat in. My knots were worked out. Honest! Every one of them. I then went to get my hair cut and styled. I did something a tad daring. I had the underneath part of my hair colored dark brown. It's only noticeable when I pull it forward or put my hair up, but I still think it looks cool under all that blonde hair. :) Hopefully this Monday morning won't feel like such a Monday, eh? Anyway, I'm telling you this because tonight we meet with the tax man to find out how much we owe Uncle Sam and I wanted to be mentally prepared. :)

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Sharlene MacLaren said...

Oooo, your hair sounds cute. Send us a pic. Can you do that, take a pic of the underside of your hair? Should be tricky.


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