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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tagged! What's up with the Pam theme here?

I've been tagged by Pam and Pammer (don't ask.)

Here are their links...

I'm supposed to tell you six weird things about myself.

1. I read three to six books at the same time.

2. I'm addicted to this very expensive green health food drink called NAKED (it's a juice smoothie). Do you think maybe it's the name that attracted me? It sure isn't the color!

3. I don't care if I get fat eating chocolate (bring it on, baby...)

4. My mother was a nun. No, this is NOT a joke.

5. I like to sing in the shower. Heck, I'll sing anywhere. It gets me strange looks sometimes, but that doesn't stop me.

6. I hate to cook (even though I can do an acceptable job.) My kids think I'm totally rad because they LOVE pizza. I buy each of my boys an entire pizza and call it dinner. Is that a great mom, or what?

I tag these six people:

Shar MacLaren

Angela Breidenbach

Deb Ullrick

Margo Carmichael

Dineen Miller

Dawn Kinzer

See if you can top my six weird things, ladies!!!



AngBreidenbach said...

Hey Michelle,
I did mine a few days ago and then added a second one with a twist. Check it out:-) (And then remember to go enter the chocolate contest at the FAITH blog too.)

Katybug said...

Oh Michelle! I can TOTALLY RELATE to hating to cook! My poor husband feels so neglected because we eat out so much, and my daughter hates it. I'm having to learn to like it. Thank GOD for crockpots! If you haven't heard of it, there is a cookbook that I grew up on called "The I Hate To Cook Book", by Peg Bracken. I don't know if it's even in print anymore, but if you can find a copy, grab it! Your life will be much easier, not to mention it's a great read! She's really funny.

And btw, you're just not that wierd. (I do have to ask...your MOM was a NUN?) I did this game of tag with my bunko group. One of the things I put was that one of my favorite websites is Now THAT'S wierd, and a bit creepy as well. But I like to read the legacies left behind.

Have a great weekend!

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Here's the deal. My mother joined the Franciscan order when she entered the 9th grade and continued through until she became a preschool teacher. She decided she'd rather have kids of her own, which you can't do as a nun, so she never made her final vows. About a year after she left the convent she met my dad. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

Dineen A. Miller said...

I'm working on it! LOL! Might be a couple more days. No time to blog at the moment. Sigh...

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