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Friday, November 03, 2006

A few thoughts on what I'm reading...

I forced myself to leave Robin Parrish's Relentless at my office over the weekend because I worried if I didn't do that I'd read the sucker this weekend and not get any writing done. That book is psycho, but a page turner. I've never read anything as unpredictable in my life. I like the fact that everything is insane, though sometimes it's almost too much. Anyhoo...I'm halfway done with Anna's Journey by Nancy Toback, which is a fabulous Heartsong and so edgy for one of their stories that I can't help but be impressed. Wonderful story and tension. Go Heartsong!!! Anyway, one last thing. I'm at about the same place with the other books I was already reading, but I did pull out Scoop by Renee Gutteridge because I received it in the mail this week and when I saw it was going to be featured on the blog alliance the week of the 15th, I decided I wanted to make sure I read it first. :) Now I'm off to add word count to a novella (that used to be 80K) to make it fit the specs as a full novel again (since a full was requested.) Is that cool, or what?

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