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Thursday, July 13, 2006

What I'm reading this 2nd week of July...

I'm about halfway through Cyndy Salzmann's story Dying to Decorate. It continues to hold my interest and tickle my funny bone big-time! When I want a more romantic read I pick up the historical Rekindled by Tamera Alexander.

I haven't taken a crack at Death in the Desert since July 4th. It just isn't pulling me at the moment. I pulled out a Heartsong by Susan May Warren called Letters From the Enemy and put it in my purse for leisurely reading, like when I'm waiting around and need a good book to peruse. :) Finally, I cracked open Ticket to Tommorow by Carol Cox. So far, so good. I love the absent-minded professor character. What a hoot!

In regards to writing-related books, I pulled out Description by Monica Wood to finish. My interest in the book fizzed out about six months ago when I came across the points of view (first, second and third) chapter. Since I just started a first person POV past tense chick-lit style series about three social workers, I decided to review that section when I'm in the mood for non-fiction.

My reading has slowed down a bit since I started this latest project, but I hope to finish at least one more book this weekend. I have a friend coming from Phoenix to visit, so if we aren't up late at night gabbing and chowing on chocolate, I may get some reading done. :)

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