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Saturday, July 08, 2006

My review of Never Say Never by Lena Nelson Dooley

I guess this story is not officially out yet because I couldn't find it anywhere, so I copied the cover from Lena's website. At first this novel wasn't what I expected it would be (based on the back cover,) and it took me awhile to get to know the characters, but I eventually succumbed to their charms. Gareth is the ultimate hero. He's a rich captain and really knows how to wow a woman with gifts and his thoughtfulness. He was sincere, though, so that worked for me.

I think the romance really took off when Chelle went to Mexico on a missions trip. At that point I was riveted to the story and wanted to finish to find out what happened. I have to say their attraction to each other felt much more real to me at that point. I didn't mind the mother daughter relationship and the inherent conflict, but I think Charlotte wasn't very strong in her role. Though I understood the author's intent, it didn't work for me.

On the romance piece, I'm a diehard romantic, so I must applaud Lena because I thought Gareth and Charlotte's first kiss was worth the wait. If you want to go on a cruise and take in the sites, but don't have the money to book a real one, pick up this book and enjoy the ride. :) Lena is a dear sister in Christ and I'm very fond of her historicals. The publisher of Never Say Never is Heartsong Presents and I assume the title will be released soon, but I'm not sure when.

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Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thank you for th thoughtful review of my book.

I hope to see you at conferencc.

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