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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I hit my 100th....

official Amazon review on July 4th, 2006. Of course, y'all know that I've read way more than 100 books in that time period, but as far as posts go, I thought that was a milestone worth mentioning. :) Also, I started reading The Bishop's Daughter by Wanda Brunstetter for Novel Reviews blog yesterday. So far so good.

I'm having a really tough time getting into Death in the Desert, so I've set that aside for now. I think it's all the telling that's distracting me. I want action, not overdramatization and long narratives. Ugh. Anyway, I'll get back to it and if it gets better I'll let y'all know. I'm on chapter 10 of Never Say Never by Lena Dooley. So far I'm still not really "into" the story. Not sure why. There are only two chapters left and an epilogue. Hmmm...

I'm on chapter 6 in Dying to Decorate by Cyndy Salzmann, which continues to get better as I read along. I'm also on chapter 6 in Rekindled by Tamera Alexander and chapter 11 in A Bishop's Daughter by Wanda Brunstetter. Those are both holding my interest. I continue to be thoroughly impressed with Tamera's writing. VERY GOOD STUFF!

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