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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Why I love historical fiction

I just wanted to share a few thoughts regarding my love of historical fiction. I am not quite sure when my love of the genre began as I have always loved books. My first real recollection began with a series by Stephen Lawhead called The Song of Albion trilogy. Then I started reading books by Francine Rivers like The Mark of the Lion series and her most famous book, Redeeming Love. I was in my early twenties when this love for historical fiction took off. Now I can say that I have read in the past two decades at least 700 - 1000+ historical fiction books. Many of them surround similar themes/eras (like biblical fiction, the World War II era, 1800s western fiction, or Medieval Europe.) Anyway, feel free to comment on your favorite genre and why you love it. I also read a lot of contemporary novels, dystopian, young adult, romance, fantasy, etc. but my absolute favorite is still historical fiction with a hint of romance.)


Patty Cummings said...

Historical fiction is so great, you can really find yourself learning so much about the times of the past. I am reading one based in the 15th century, Soul of Toledo by Edward Webster. By far on of my favorite reads ever in this genre. So good!

Allen jeley said...


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