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Saturday, September 07, 2013

My review of Angels by Alexis York Lumbard

About the book:

Did you know that angels of all kinds are everywhere? “Some are big, some are tiny. They're all so bright and very shiny.” This lyrical, breezy, and nondenominational picture book introduces children and adults to a magical place which radiates warmth, love, and caring throughout its colorful and delicate pages. With its rich paintings, readers are transported through many colorful scenes, places and seasons to see how angels work behind the scenes, weaving their graces.

My review:

This is a nice story. Not too complex and just the right length to read to very small children. Not sure I agree with the theology, but the pictures are nice and the theme is sweet. I think it would give a young child a sense of awe thinking about the story. Anyway, the illustrations are nice, too, and they have different kinds of angels, not all blondes like you see in some books. I liked that best about the story. Diversity in the angelic realm.

Angels was published by Wisdom Tales and released in Sept. 2013

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