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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Arms of Deliverance by Tricia Goyer is up on the CFRB blog tour!

Here is a copy of the review I posted after I finished the book in August 2006. Every time Tricia writes a book I snatch it right up and devour it. :)

Arms of Deliverance
is a powerful and fascinating tale portraying the evil of the Nazi regime and the heroic people who resisted by refusing to conform. And, as usual, Tricia's storyline and writing is as gripping as the Thoene's, and I've read all of their books. One character's plight I found particularly gripping. Rebecca Lodz, a Czech Jewess, had to change her name to Katrine and pass herself off as Aryan to survive, only to end up in the Lebensborn project, where German babies were bred for the Reich.

Two female reporters were sent on dangerous missions (at their request) to report tales of heroism to inspire Americans and boost morale. Unfortunately, they both encountered terrors of war that made them question their judgment, but they "hung in there" despite their fear. They experienced things that imbedded in their minds and changed their hearts forever. (I love how Tricia always has strong female heroines in her books. Yes, even Rebecca had incredible strength.)

The Destiny's Child navigator, Eddie, is incredible and handsome--the ultimate hero, and of course, a Christian. He bonds to one of the female reporters during their plight and he proposes a plan that has Mary afraid--the title's name sake, yet she agrees to trust God. (I don't know how she does it, but Tricia always has me sighing over the guys in her stories.) The author also does what most excellent authors do...she takes the characters' worst fears and makes it happen, then adds even more trials to their load.

Great writing. Excellent twists and turns. Incredible plot. Strong faith element. Enthralling story. I don't want this series to ever end. What a great way to teach young people today about true heroism in the midst of a cynical society obsessed with self-preservation.

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SHARLENE said...

Michelle, excellent review! I've read From Dust and Ashes, which was spellbinding, but nothing of hers since. Makes me want to run out and buy "Deliverance". Her projects must require mountains of research to keep an accurate account. And she must LOVE history. I enjoy it, but not to Tricia's degree.

Praying that the funeral of your worship leader was not too heartwrenching for everyone.


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