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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Pagan's Nightmare is up on the CFBA tour!

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Product Description:
Larry Hitch's screenplay about the last unbeliever in a Christian world is a hit with his agent, but not with Ned's devout wife---who is unimpressed with a world where non-believers pay $6.66 a gallon for gas! Is Larry in for even more trouble when his girlfriend discovers she's the supposed heroine?

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My thoughts on A Pagan't Nightmare:

It starts out pretty interesting, but then I fizzled in my interest about halfway through. Not sure why. Maybe because some of the stuff is too strange to be believable, or maybe a bit irreverant? I dunno. I'll keep reading and tell you what I think when I'm through. For certain I can say that it IS very different. Almost like fantasy in the sense that it's so NOT real. It's set up like Angela Hunt's book The Novelist, but I liked Angie's book better. However, I did ask my son (who read it straight through in a day) if he thought I should finish it and he said yes. He said I needed to read the whole thing and get to the end of the story to really appreciate the book. That said, I press on. :)

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