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Monday, July 31, 2006

What I'm reading this first week of August...

I picked up Cowboy by Staci Stallings this morning and I can't seem to put it down. What an addicting story! Good thing I was home sick with sinus problems today or I would've been totally distracted at work because I'd be thinking about this story. If I don't finish it tonight I don't know what I'll do tomorrow because if I'm feeling better I'll have to go to work. Then I'll have to read the story in little snatches and it'll make me nuts. There, now that I've vented I feel a bit better, LOL! I'm almost halfway through The Secret Life Of Becky Miller by Sharon Hinck. This is another fabulous story. I just happen to be in a more romantic mood than momma mood today or I would've conquered the rest of Sharon's book in one sitting. It's very well written and I love the relationship she has with her husband and kids. SO real, yet without all the sarcasm often found in lit stories. Anyhoo...I also plan to pick up The Recital by Robert Elmer within the next few days and maybe I'll add DragonKnight by Donita K. Paul into the mix since that's the August book of the month. :)

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