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Friday, November 05, 2021

My review of Irredeemable (Saints and Sinners book 4) by Dayo Benson

About the book:


Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future?

That is complete bull. Chloe Campbell is so saintly and perfect, she terrifies me. She has no past.

The phrase innocent as a dove comes to mind. She’d probably never done a single thing wrong—until she met me.

Right now, we’re stranded in LA, sharing the only hotel room we can get, and trying to ignore the electric chemistry that hums between us.

She’s hurting, which makes her thinks she wants me, but I know it’s just her pain talking.

Besides, I don’t want her getting entangled in the colossal mess that is my life.

I don’t want to break her heart.

And I definitely don’t want to fall in love.


Colby Carter is a devil with an angel’s face.

My head knows that but my heart doesn’t. It keeps telling me he can change. So when he asks me to put him in bootcamp and help him turn his life around, I pull out all the stops. I get him reading books, attending church, and even going on a weekend prayer retreat.

But as Colby slowly opens up to me and lets me in on some of his deepest darkest secrets, I begin to realize that maybe he’ll never break free from his problems. Maybe there are some people who are just too broken to be healed.

Maybe the man I love really is irredeemable.

My review:

I am pretty convinced now that Dayo can't write a book that isn't a page turner. Her characters are complex but consistent. They are loveable and yet sometimes annoying (like real people tend to be.) Of the first four I am thinking the first and this one are my favorites so far. I am growing to like Chloe more with each book. I am really proud of her (even though she isn't a real person) because she is growing stronger and more sure of herself as time goes on. Getting away from toxic people certainly helps with the growing process. Family or not, her mother and nana are extremely toxic. 

Colby is loveable and believable too, though I feel more sad for him as time goes on. He really is trapped. But as Chloe loves him unconditionally (yet with boundaries) he is also growing stronger and his heart is softening up a bit. This one is a real page turner as Colby starts to thaw. I loved how Dayo put them in impossibly intimate situations and still managed to keep things clean. Great job! My favorite part is how Dayo leaves you on a cliff hanger that is satisfying but also makes you want to keep reading and getting the next book. All around great writing and can't get enough of these books! Wish I had more time to read these days. I would burn through all of her books if I didn't have to work. 

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