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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Early weekend update on my reading...

Okay, I couldn't resist Everything's Coming Up Josey by Susan May Warren. The book was calling out my name. Honest! :) Seriously, I needed a break from the deep emotion in the story Coldwater Revival. Usually I love the gut-wrenching stuff and keep zipping through it, but that story made me so sad I had to read something cheerful. So far I recommend Coldwater Revival by Nancy Jo Jenkins. I'm just saying it's a heartstring yanker big-time. The other book I'm reading is about a serial killer, so I didn't think that would be an adequate diversion from the ache. :) So Everything's Coming Up Josey was the most logical pick. I think I'm going to choose A Girl's Best Friend when I finish the Josey story, then slip in another murder mystery when I finish The 3rd Covenant. I can only deal with so much blood and pain at once, ya know?

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