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Saturday, April 22, 2006

My review of Leather and Lace by Diann Mills

Leather and Lace portrayed love and forgiveness in a powerful way. It was fabulous! I read Leather and Lace in one day. I can honestly say I've never read a more engrossing western with such a complex and intriguing heroine. The author did an excellent job portraying the villian so that the reader was tense through much of the story waiting for something bad to happen. Though the hero and heroine both had "secrets from the past" it wasn't presented in a stilted, tiresome way as I often see in novels. The romantic element was perfect. I loved it! In regards to the plot, the author had a fresh presentation of the "wild west" element in her novel. The spiritual transformation in the characters was believable. Not once did I feel that the content or the way the author delved into spiritual matters was preachy. How refreshing! I could easily picture this book being made into a movie. With all of the harshness of the Old West vividly portrayed within its pages, this story holds nothing back. I'm truly impressed. It's too bad the cover is so pink and feminine, because I can see a lot of men enjoying this novel as well.

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