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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile

I used to read a lot and it seems like every book I start lately I never finish. So today I am posting because I just re-released two books that didn't sell for whatever reason like I had hope for so when I got the rights back I decided to rework them and offer promotions. So here are my two re-released, re-titled and revised novels. They are The Finish Line (Out of Time, book 1) and Love in Surprise, Arizona. They are both sexy and inspirational. I know, what a combination. But they are not sweet love stories like people are used to reading (rated G books) they are more like real life, which is gritty and flawed. So I hope you check them out. I will post them with their pics here below, but the buy links are also above in the narrative.


Cecelia said...

Hey, how's life? Cecelia Dowdy here, just glancing through some of my old emails!

Michelle Sutton said...

Hi there! It's going okay. Still writing but not as fast. You?

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