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Friday, July 22, 2016

My review of Because Whispers Matter by J. M. Swierski

About the book:

Be careful. Remember the last time you trusted.

Caitlyn became ensnared by silken threads of adoration and charm, the tools Justin used to pull her into his trap of obsessive desire.

Justin's obsession takes the relationship to a devastating break point and Caitlyn finds herself fighting for peace, healing, and strength to move forward.

Now, Justin has returned and Caitlyn must find the strength to secure the future of her choosing.

My review:

This story was unique in the way it was delivered. I found myself compelled to continue reading until I got to the end. While toward the middle of the book I could sense where the story was headed, in the beginning it was hard to tell. I liked the way the author tied the heroine's reactions to one of her past relationships that negatively impacted her view of herself to how that damaged view tore her confidence down and caused her a lot of stress and anxiety.

There were several messages that were pretty clear... strength comes from confronting fear. Not dealing with negative relationships doesn't make them go away. Cowering only gives the abuser more power. Separating from the negative relationship is critical to restoring emotional health. Another message was that there are good men in this world and to measure them by past dysfunctional relationships could ruin what would otherwise be a mutually satisfying relationship is not fair to anyone. And three, security and confidence makes a woman attractive to a decent man and insecurity draws dangerous people to victimize the insecure person. Last, you can always use the painful situations in your past to help others.

While some of the author's writing skills could use some fine-tuning, overall this was an interesting read and a good debut novel. Some parts of the story were pretty intense and I could tell the author had quite a bit of insight into those conflicts, which made the writing stronger. I would highly recommend it for people who desire insight into the mind of someone who has been manipulated and suffered by allowing herself to be emotionally controlled someone else. It also shows how helping others while working through  issues can empower the helper. Also, the title seems to imply that the whispers that matter are the ones in your head that cause self-doubt. At least that was my take on it. Check it out for yourself.

The e-book is only $2.99. Here is a LINK to the book on Amazon.


Janie Young said...

Swierski's book is phenomenal. I just really enjoyed every page. It will be one that I could read again and again and I love those kinds. Right now I am rading a great Autobiography called Abandoned In Search of Rainbows by AK Driggs. If you need a great bio book then this is the one. Amazing story!

Rachel Bishop said...

I have Swierski's book on my to read list, I guess I need to get to it. Been in a Sci-Fi realm all summer, right now I'm reading Sun Valley Moon Mountsains by Ajax Minor. It's been a brilliant read for me this summer, I am from Utah so I was hooked from the start! for that books information.

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