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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Letting Go is now for sale as book one in the Healing Hearts series.

Why does this matter? Because I now have my rights back. I can start writing the next book in the series. Whoo hoo! I couldn't do that before. So watch for book 2 (Finding Love) sometime in 2016 - most likely by the end of the year - I am not as amazingly fast as I used to be. That stinks, I know. But I will try my best to produce at least one book this year.


About the book:

Diane is a lawyer who fights for the rights of children placed in foster care. She's determined to give them what she never had -- a functional family. Sometimes that meant adoption and other times it meant sending the children back to reformed biological parents. It was a tough job, but one that helped her sleep at night because she always did what she believed was right. She understood what it felt like to be unwanted, or worse, desired solely because of what she could do for her parents. Unfortunately this dark time from her childhood carried into her adult life. Men wanted her, but their overtures were always motivated by what she could do for them. Better to remain single than be used again.

After hearing glowing reports of her skills in court, Dave hires Diane to help him keep his foster son so he might adopt the child once Joey's parents' rights were terminated. Diane was good in court, but she was so gorgeous it distracted him to the point he considered replacing her several times. But hiring her was one of the best decisions he'd ever made. Too bad they could never be more than friends. He'd never made his deceased wife happy and he didn't want to bank his son's future on another beautiful woman who would eventually leave them. Better to raise his son alone. So why couldn't he get that beautiful attorney out of his mind?

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