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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Book video trailer for my upcoming June release!

Collette wants to help needy parents... just not her own.

After her first day on the job, Collette believes she must be the world’s worst social worker. She’s never seen a cockroach, let alone an infested trailer. She's not sure how to deal with such living conditions, but she's required to fulfill her one-year contract, or repay the university for her full tuition, which costs much more than she'd make at the agency her first year.

Enter sexy marriage and family therapist Mark Wilcox, and suddenly things don't look so bleak. That is, until she remembers he's the man who tried to discourage her from getting her Master's Degree in the first place. Proving him wrong gives her a reason to try harder to succeed. Then she finds out Mark has a secret. He's her divorced parents' marriage therapist. While her parents' eventual goal is to remarry, she's against it. Whose side will he take?

The book isn't available for sale yet, but you can keep your eye on it on the publisher's site, where you can also purchase the book when it releases in a few weeks. Link is below...

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