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Sunday, April 28, 2013

My review of Phoenix Rising by Michelle Stevens

About the book:

Phoenix Rising
(Book 1 of 4)

Before the world of Facebook, Chat Rooms and Blogs, there were online communities called Bulletin Boards…

Beth Lynn, devoted teacher and animal lover, has terrible luck with men. That is until Scott Reiner, also known as The Keeper, enters her life through the most unlikely of places – her computer. Scott saves her from a humiliating moment and begins his pursuit of her. There’s only one problem, Beth has an admirer who isn’t willing to let her go.

* The first part of Beth’s journey begins with the two lovers finding each other in the 1980's. Obstacles lie ahead for the young couple and a tragic event stands at the end that will change the course of Beth’s life forever. For you see, she is a Phoenix ~ her future requires the flame.

My review:

Well, actually, I listened to this story on my kindle fire while I was driving as the voice read the story to me, but it was still good. I remember those days when computers were "beasts" and chat rooms were a new invention. Oh, and the internet cost a fortune per minute to use. The screetching noise a modem made while the internet connected... well, that is all nostalgic for me. Yeah, the 80s were interesting and the author portrayed that well. I liked how the author introduced the heroine and how the ending left me wondering about her and the decent guy, Scott. I liked him quite a bit. Anyone who would protect a woman's honor and help her when she is super sick from having overimbibed is a great guy in my estimation. Plus, he was a sweetheart in other ways. On to read the next installment (or have it read to me) on my next long drive. Enjoyable short story.

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