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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Revell blog tour stop for Picture Perfect by Janice Thompson (with review)

About the book:

Feisty wedding photographer Hannah McDermott has dealt with her share of difficult brides. But none can compare to the ultimate Bridezilla she's dealing with now. Still, she's trying desperately to impress Bella Neeley, Galveston Island's most sought-after wedding planner, so she can take the top spot in Bella's list of recommended photographers--a spot currently occupied by her arch-rival, Drew Kincaid. What she doesn't count on, however, is falling head over heels for the competition.

With her contagious humor and cast of quirky characters, Janice Thompson gives readers more of the bridal business drama they want in a brand-new series all about those long-suffering people who make beautiful weddings happen. Readers are desperately waiting for more of Bella and this new series brings her back in a big way, while introducing new characters fans will love. Fans will laugh out loud as they experience this breezy and entertaining novel from a great storyteller.

My review:

People who enjoyed getting to know Bella and DJ from the first series, then Brock and Erin from the second series, will be thrilled to see all of the characters again in this new series. I enjoyed a lot of the humor in this novel, and the Irish limericks in particular. There were a number of laugh out loud moments that I had to read to my husband because they were so cute. Once again the author has managed to take a sweet-themed romance and made it swoon-worthy and enjoyable to story for people who like edgier novels. I am never bored when I read any of the author's books. The characters seem very real so it's hard to remember they are fictional people.

I liked the message about assumptions and how so many things that "Shutter Speed" Hannah believed about Drew, Sierra and even her former nemesis Jacquie were not based on truth or factual information. It's a good life lesson to review in a book. I always love reading about characters who seem one way and then when you get to know them you discover they are not that way at all. You have to see the world from their point of view to truly know them. I was also amused by Hannah's mother breaking out of the status quo and redefining herself based on what she liked versus what her husband wanted. It was dealt with in a healthy way, so it worked for the story.

This is sure to be another fun series. I am looking forward to reading the next book. I've read all three books in the first series, and all three in the second, so I'm up to speed and haven't missed any "episodes" with this wonderful cast of characters. Even people who haven't read any other books by the author will find this one easy to follow. They might not get the humor regarding "Guido," but that easily can be rectified by reading the first series. Love that bird. :)

Picture Perfect was published by Revell and released in February 2013.

“Available February 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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Janice Hanna Thompson said...

You are awesome. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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