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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Free Free Free book by Michelle Sutton!

A Desert Breeze Publishing FREE READ (click on the words FREE READ to go to page)

Bojan and Laney are newly married and about to embark on their honeymoon. They will be traveling to his homeland in eastern Europe to meet his family. Only Bojan has other plans in mind once they get there. He's out to find his sister's ex-boyfriend who nearly killed her and left her for dead a year ago. He wants to make sure his sister will be safe and will not have to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life. But he hadn't thought things completely through and takes a risk by keeping his plans from his wife. The one thing he hadn't considered, though, was God's knowledge of the secrets in his heart.


Bojan finally relaxed in his seat on the plane to Paris, his seat belt almost too tight, and his fingers entwined with his new bride's. While he hated to be deceptive in any way, he had another purpose for their stopping over in Macedonia to see his family. He needed to know if Georg was still alive, and if so, whether or not he realized Jovana had lived despite his abuse and leaving her on the streets for dead.

He imagined himself giving Georg a sound beating and threatening him within an inch of his life. He knew it wasn't very Christian behavior, but how else was he supposed to feel knowing the sick things the man had done to his sweet baby sister?

Within seconds of takeoff, he slipped into a deep sleep and dreamt of his first meeting with Georg. Leaving Jovana behind in Arizona had been difficult, but losing her again to that scumbag ex-boyfriend Georg was something Bojan would not tolerate. He and Laney had a European honeymoon planned, but part of their trip included finding Georg so his sister would no longer have to look over her shoulder wondering when her ex would show up.

Yes, one of the reasons she had moved to Arizona was for protection from her ex, and he had no doubt that Georg would have a difficult time finding her there, but he wanted to make sure for his own peace of mind. His new bride thought they were only going to Macedonia to meet his family. She didn't need to know the other details, but part of him ached to tell her the whole truth about their visit. At the same time, he had waited too long for them to be together to upset Laney right now. If she thought any harm might come to him, then she'd be frantic, and all peace between them would dissipate.


Anonymous said...

The link isn't working!

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

The site is down right now (I guess they are doing some work on it) so check back later and it should be fine.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

The link is working now, JoyAnne!

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