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Sunday, May 13, 2012

New giveaway! Now I'm giving away The Marshall's Promise by Rhonda Gibson

About the book: 

Mail-order bride Rebecca Ramsey arrives in the New Mexico territory full of dreams—but they're shattered when she discovers her intended husband has been killed. If it weren't for U.S. marshal Seth Billings's housekeeping job offer, she'd have nowhere to go. Rebecca loves tending to Seth's home, but the strong and silent lawman is harder to figure out. What secret is he hiding? 

Caring for Jesse Cole's would-be bride is the least Seth can do. If it weren't for him, the young man would still be alive. Seth had promised to look after Rebecca—and to keep her safe from Jesse's enemies. Now if only he can keep his heart safe, as well….

My thoughts:

Rhonda sent me the book to review. Bummer was it never made it to my house. I hope whoever found it is enjoying it. Sigh. I love mail-order bride stories.

Now for the question:

What aspect do you find most intriguing in novels containing Mail-order brides?

I will select a winner next Sunday using the Randomizer program. Best wishes and have a great week!


Amber said...

I love the unexpected turns and twist that they go through and they way they have to get to know each other as strangers The way that love grows between them :)

Hope you have had a great mothers day Michelle thanks for the chance to win !!!


pwnmom said...

I always like to see WHY a man would want a mail-order bride and on the other end why a woman would say yes to becoming one. There is almost always some hidden agenda or something the woman is running from or hiding from or something is driving her to it.

apple blossom said...

the mystery of the unknown and what they are getting themselves into

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Abigail Richmond said...

I love Mail-Order stories!

Merry said...

I enjoy the different situations leading to a mail order marriage and of course, the romance along the way.
Please include me, thanks!
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Tore said...

I always wonder if they will really fall in love when they meet. Please enter me in contest.

KATHLEEN.B said...

I worked with a number of people who were mail order brides and they were very happy. There expectations in there culture made it easy to go into this type of relationship and to make it work.

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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