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Friday, May 25, 2012

List of Desert Breeze Romances on sale until May 31st for only 99 cents!

Here is the list. My book is listed second. I'll put an asterisk by the ones I know that are also Christian book (hopefully I didn't miss any.) Hurry, the deal expires in six days. Here is the link to the amazon page (mine is on page 2 on Amazon)

LINK to AMAZON list of books on sale

Deadly Reflections — Nancy Kay
Danger at the Door — Michelle Sutton *
Future Savior: Conception — Jennifer Hartz *
Innocent Deception — Tami Dee
Burning Hearts — Nike Chillemi *
Baer Truth — Linda McMaken
In the Manor of the Ghost — Tina Pinson *
Victorian Scoundrel — Stephanie Burkhart
Last Resort — BJ Robinson *
Damages — Deb Kinnard *
Blitz — Sue Perkins
Zoe Mack and the Secret of the Love Letters — K .Dawn Byrd *
Voodoo Bones — Melanie Atkins
The Trouble with Love — Sandra Sookoo
Redemption for the Devil — Jillian Chantal
Death Cheater — Dani Thorne
Arrow that Flies — S & S Cuffe *
Temp to Permanent — Toni Noel
Hidden Paths — JoAnn Carter
Detours — Michelle Levigne *
Nina’s Niche — Jackie Leigh Allen
The Witnessing — Caina Fuller
Renovations — Theresa Stillwagon

1 comment:

B. J. Robinson said...

I'm going to check out some of these titles at this bargain. People have an opportunity to mop up just in time for summer reading. I've already read some of them though :), your's included.
Blessings, BJ

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