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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heading back home from Chicago today. Short recap from RT Convention...

To recap... I had a great time. At first I wasn't sure how things would go but I was willing to try something new. Our panel was fun, the books were overwhelming (you win some practically everywhere and then they have freebies you can take too!) And best of all, the Desert Breeze clan was a blast. Did I mention the hot male models? They seemed to like our group best. Anyway, here is a pic of me at the Giant Book Fair (360 authors including Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris) at my table. I met a lot of readers and made some new fans who bought my books. Yay! I am going to do my best to go next year. And if you are wondering about the costume, I had it made to match my book cover (shown) so that I had something to set me apart from the masses of authors at the event. It worked. I had two people who bought my book simply because they loved my costume. What a hoot, eh? Oh, and hung out with my cousin Suzette Vandeweile, my friend Maureen Lang, and stayed at my bud Deb Kinnard's house for the two days following the RT convention. Nice!

Here are some more fun photos... I am posting the ones with the male models just for kicks. The first is a bodice ripper clutching pose (we were being silly.) The second is a pic of me with Len Gunn. They are both well known for their gorgeous upper torsos. So many of those male bare-chested covers are these guys.

Now here are ones of me with my author friends....

Me with Gail Delaney

Me with Jenifer Ranieri

Me with Kris Tualla

Me with Shawna K. Williams

Me with Lynn Rush

Me with Ciara Knight

Me with Maureen Lang

...and last, but not least... me with my cousin Suzette Vandeweile (AKA Suzette Vann)


Naomi Musch said...

It's been fun looking at all the pics you guys have posted. Sounds liike a swell time! I hope DB stirred a ginormous buzz. Now rest up, and write some more! :)

Denise said...

Cool, looks like you had fun. Maybe I can go next year. :)

Deb said...

It's always fun hanging with you, sweetie.

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