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Monday, February 20, 2012

My review of Charlotte's Angel by Carol Preston

About the book:

A child growing up in uncontrollable and awkward circumstances, Charlotte Plumb must learn to strive for more than the legacy her mother leaves her. Thomas Douglass, is a strong, determined and caring young man. Rescuing Charlotte drives him, but how can the children of ex-convicts find love? With sadness and grief, joy and new birth, mystery, murder and romance the Douglass and Plumb families will intertwine over twenty years. Charlotte's Angel continues the Douglass family saga begun in the much-loved Mary's Guardian, set in the early colonial days of New South Wales.

My review:

Loved this story! I could hardly put it down and read it in two days. It made me think of an Aussie version of Redeeming Love, only this story had more hope in that Charlotte didn't have to deal with some of the things the main character in Redeeming Love had to deal with. God had spared her some of the heartache, but it was only a matter of time that she would have been trapped in that life herself if not for her "Angel" that came to her rescue. Have the fun of the story is waiting for that to happen and being ecstatic when it does. That info is in the book description so its not a spoiler.

I loved the heart of the story and the depth of emotion the author inserted into the story line. The romantic tension between characters toward the end was sweet and quite palpable, too. Charlotte was a real survivor and a very devoted daughter. so you had to admire her for that. She was a character worth rooting for. It's sad how worldly people always assume there is an ulterior motive for helping someone else. It can be only for love, and this story shows that well. 

I hurt for Charlotte toward the end, but I was glad that she finally decided to live her own life from that point on and to make a future for herself by sharing her heart with her "angel." Ah, great read and quite realistic in the way it was written. The English and spelling is Aussie style, but that wasn't hard to adjust to while reading. I learned a lot about the mindset in the colonial days of the English Colonies where they sent criminals to be rehabilitated in New South Wales and Australia. All in all, I found this book well worth reading and I enjoyed it very much.

Charlotte's Angel was published by Even Before Publishing and was released in 2011. A copy of this book was provided to me for review by in exchange for posting an honest review.

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