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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grace Awards are a coming...

Grace Awards... expanding the tent pegs of Christian Fiction. (that's a great motto!)

Here's what you need to know for now...

The Grace Awards is reader driven. That means in the first round readers vote for novels in five categories:

Women’s Fiction (serious women’s issues, can have humor and/or suspense elements).

Contemporary Romance/Historical Romance (the primary element is love/marriage, be it now or then).

Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Romantic Suspense/ Detective Series (crime fiction, there’s probably a body). Why you like the story: (At least 25 words)

Speculative Fiction Title (SciFi, fantasy, horror, etc.).

Action Adventure/Western/Historic Epic Fiction (exploits, quest, a feel of wide open spaces, expansive).

Young Adult (appeals to ages 15 – 21-ish).

Voting will begin on December 31st. Anyone who reads faith-based, inspy, Christian themed novels can vote. Authors can vote…but not for their own novel. Judges and Grace Awards Board members can vote…but not for a novel they’ve written. Anyone who reads Christian fiction can vote…but not until December 31st.

 This blog will have detailed instructions for voting. Stay tuned.


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