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Saturday, November 26, 2011

My review of Ashes to Beauty by Kim Zweygardt.

About the book:

A touching allegory based on the Cinderella story and Isaiah 63:1-3, Ashes to Beauty, The Real Cinderella Story is “A Fairytale for Girls of All Ages.” Written like a children’s story book and beautifully illustrated, Ashes to Beauty is filled with eternal truths about our real life Prince of Peace and our dreams come true. “Was Ella born only for dusting and dishes or was there something more? Life is ordinary in the Land of Near, but Ella dreams of the Kingdom of Far Away in this tale that speaks to the deepest heart’s desire of girls of all ages. Fairytales do come true!"

My review:

This story is a keeper, and it really is an appropriate fairy tale for all ages. It warmed my heart and made me think about the way God perceives things in our lives. I can see this book being used to aid in beginning conversations with young girls about the heart being more beautiful and important than anything else. The story made me think of the scripture about man looking at the outward appearance but God looking at the heart. In fact, there were a lot of scriptures  woven through the prose that I found particularly moving. That was the best part about this book.

Beauty to Ashes illustrates some truths found in the Bible in a way that might make sense to someone hadn't understood those Biblical concepts before. I loved how the scripture, "I was hungry, and you fed me," came to play in this story. Bottom line... there is depth in Ashes to Beauty that I hadn't expected. If I had a daughter I could see myself reading this book to her on a regular basis. There were also cute symbolic illustrations, like the hair on her mother's mole that grew with gossip, and the ashes that appeared on Cinderella's face and refused to be scrubbed off when she became angry. Great story and highly recommended.

Ashes to Beauty was published by Create Space and released in Sept. 2011.

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