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Thursday, April 28, 2011

My review of Point of No Return by Susan May Warren.

Point of No Return

About the book:

An American boy and a warlord's engaged daughter have disappeared-together-in an Eastern European border country. Only one man can find them in time to prevent an international meltdown-Chet Stryker. But Chet is taken aback when he realizes the boy is the nephew of Mae Lund, Chet's former flame. When Mae insists on rescuing her relative herself, Chet knows he has to protect her from the enemy on their trail. Yet can he protect himself from falling for Mae again?

My review for Point of No Return:

The Point of No Return is an exciting romantic suspense novel that has great pacing and intrigue. I read the book straight through and it held my interest the entire time. I loved the twists and turns and the international setting. The hero was complex and his history fit his current issues and behavior. The same went for the heroine.

The romantic tension sizzled between the hero and heroine and I found myself wanting them to work through their insecurities and find a way to make a long-term relationship work. The author did a great job providing barriers, then allowing the characters to apply faith and hard work to see things through and overcome obstacles to success.

Bottom line... this was a well-rounded book with suspense and intrigue that contained characters who learned from past mistakes and how to take calculated risks, and sometimes risks that didn't make much sense, but were the right thing to do. I loved the sacrificial love theme in the story, too. That always gets my heart pounding. Great read!

Point of No return was published by Steeple Hill and released in January 2011.

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